Together, we’re gonna make you the most beautiful you’ve ever felt. We have a range of dresses that are inclusive, affordable, and customizable so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

What We Want

Our mission goes beyond designing dresses. We aspire to empower individuals to feel one-of-a-kind and gorgeous during life's significant milestones. Our efforts are solely focused on enhancing your experience, as we are committed to ensuring you exude confidence and radiate beauty.

How To Achieve

Our mission was to develop an improved method for our clients to discover the ideal dress for them. By taking control of every aspect of the process, we offer a wide range of options, a cost-effective approach to delivery, and the ability to personalize selections according to your unique requirements and preferences. With our team of in-house designers and production specialists, we guarantee that each dress is tailored to meet the client's specifications, delivering the ultimate shopping experience.

We built our business around you


At Pandrohouse, we challenge the conventional business model of the formal dress industry by integrating our own production, branding, marketing, and sales channels. Unlike the traditional fragmented approach, where different players handle different aspects of the process, we have streamlined the process by consolidating these steps within our company. As a result, we offer our customers a more straightforward process, faster delivery, and transparent pricing.


We don't just offer ready-to-wear dresses off the rack. Instead, we take customization to the next level by providing flexible sizing and add-on services tailored to your unique needs. Unlike other direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that every dress is precisely what you're looking for. Additionally, our team provides direct shipping to designated locations, making the entire process more convenient for you.


Our community of satisfied customers inspires us to keep innovating and improving our designs. With a network of over 200,000 customers, we've created a platform that helps people discover their ideal dress for any special occasion. By continuously gathering feedback from our customers, we're able to create updated and trendsetting designs that reflect their needs and preferences. What's more, even if you've already purchased a dress from us, we offer a diverse range of styles to help you find the perfect outfit for any future event.

Simple V-Neck Short Sleeve Pleated Wedding Dress

We're here to support you on your important day.

Our commitment to providing a delightful dress shopping experience is evident in everything we do. Our values and passion are ingrained in our approach, and we take pride in sourcing the finest fabrics from around the world and offering a platform for designers to showcase their creativity.

We understand the importance of empathy and that's why we put ourselves in our clients' shoes. This drives our service, ensuring that each customer enjoys a unique and personalized experience. We value diversity and have designed our products and services to help every client feel beautiful. You deserve a team that strives to provide you with the best possible experience, and that's what we're here to do.